Fine Motor Activities for Home. Make a Fine Motor Pizza!

Who doesn’t love a pizza?!  This fine motor pizza is going to target the foundations for pencil grip and ultimately pencil control.  This is the all-in-one pizza with all the fine motor toppings included!  Perfect for fine motor activities for home.  You just choose the toppings that match the skill you are looking for, and then off you go!  You don't need to ask: "how can I improve fine motor skills," the answer is with our Fine Motor Pizza!

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Let's get stuck in and make this pizza!

You will need the following materials for home activities to improve fine motor:

  1. Your printable fine motor pizza download
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue stick
  4. Crêpe paper cut into rectangles

Home activities to improve fine motor: pizza base

  1. Ensure you have the correct scissors – lefties for left-handers, and rights for the right-handed children.
  2. Cut the semi-circles for the pizza base.
  3. Right handers cut to the right-hand side, and lefties to the left of the semi-circle shape.
  4. Thumbs up on both hands.
  5. Glue on the hashed lines and stick the two semi-circles together to create the pizza base.
  6. Cut out the triangular pizza slices.
  7. Encourage your child to pivot their scissors on the corners of the pizza slice.  Pivoting is a skill that develops the subtle movements of the wrist which your child needs during handwriting.

Making the tomato base

improve fine motor at home

  1. Copy the strips onto the red paper.
  2. Cut the strips.  If your child is able to do this, they should; otherwise you can prepare the strips ahead of time.
  3. You child should then tear off tiny pieces to create the tomato sauce layer.
  4. Your child will need to glue the tomato sauce layer onto their pizza slices.
  5. Be sure they cut, and tear all the tomato sauce before you bring out the glue stick!  Sticky fingers do not tear well and you don’t want to waste your opportunity for a fine motor challenge.
  6. Now glue the slices onto the circle.

And now the cheese!

fine motor at home

  1. No pizza is complete without the cheese!
  2. Using the-three-friends® of both hands, crumple the crêpe paper into a ball.
  3. If your child is more advanced, you can challenge them further by asking them to roll the ball with the-three-friends of the preferred hand.
  4. If your child is in Grade R and not yet able to roll the ball, it is certainly something to work towards.  The rolling is a fantastic movement to prepare the fingers for pencil control.
  5. Again, be sure your child has made all the cheese before they stick it on.
  6. You can use the toppings to tear out the circle shapes, or to cut them.
  7. Now glue the toppings and add them to the pizza.

When my children were in preschool and beyond, I know that Margherita pizza was the name of the game. If your child tries to wangle their way out of the additional fine motor challenges, be sure to have your own pizza ready to go and ask for every topping we have! 😊

Anna from The Imagination Tree has 40 home activities to improve fine motor!

In closing about how can I improve fine motor skills?

We need fine motor activities that are fun and engaging to get our children on board.  Who doesn't love a pizza?  We have included a bunch of fine motor foundations for pencil grip in our Fine Motor Pizza!  Grab your fine motor activities for home download and get going today.

©Bunty McDougall
Occupational Therapist

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