Fine Motor Christmas Activities

There is no doubt that our children get caught up in the excitement of Christmas!  It is also a time when many are on a school break.  We can harness that excitement to keep their fine motor on track with some well-chosen fine motor Christmas activities.

If we want to develop the foundations for pencil grasp and handwriting with our Christmas fine motor activities, it is best if they specifically focus on the foundations.  To develop fine motor skills, we need to have an activity that repeats the action so muscle development can take place.  Using a fine motor skill in an activity is using it, not developing it.

These fine motor Christmas activities have been specifically chosen because they DEVELOP rather than OCCASIONALLY USE a fine motor skill.


Decorate the Christmas tree

  1. Download and print your Christmas tree.
  2. You can laminate it or place it in a plastic sleeve to protect it.
  3. You can use firm play dough, or modelling clay or plasticine, to roll the balls.
  4. Get your child to isolate the-three-friends (the thumb, index or middle finger.)
  5. The tuck-down-two are tucked loosely in the palm of the hand.
  6. Roll the ball and add it to your tree!

Fine motor Christmas activities for kids download.

Variations on the Christmas fine motor activities

  1. Print the black-and-white version of the tree.
  2. Tear small pieces of paper to stick on the tree.
  3. Roll the balls as described above but use tin foil to create shiny Christmas balls!

Christmas fine motor activities download from Bunty McDougall and The Happy Handwriter.

Jennifer from Early Learning Ideas has a lovely collection of Christmas fine motor activities!

In closing about fine motor Christmas activities

It is always best to select fine motor activities which allow for repetition so you can DEVELOP the skills, rather than occasionally using them.  Don't forget your download!

©Bunty McDougall
Occupational Therapist

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