Fine Motor Skills Activities for your Family at Christmas!

Christmas comes around every year and it is a time when families can draw together and focus on the  meaning of the season.  Along with that comes all the excitement of the celebration.  I have put together some fine motor skills activities you can do with your children.  Spending time with them is the greatest gift you can give, and sneaking in some fine motor skills development on the side is certainly a bonus!

Fine motor skills tree

fine motor skills activities

I love the complexities offered by this tree!  It should be called a spatial Christmas tree because of the spatial demands of assembling it!

Step by Step Instructions

  1. If you make two copies of this – one on dark and one on light green paper – your child can make two reverse coloured trees
  2. First, your child is required to cut around external corners.
  3. Please don’t let them just slice off each side one at a time.  We don’t want them missing out on the valuable manipulation that is required to cut around a corner.
  4. Be sure to slice the pieces apart before cutting them out. The large sheet flops around and takes the focus away from achieving a regular consistent cutting motion which fosters muscle development.
  5. Once all the pieces have been cut out, your child needs to assemble the tree.
  6. Placing the shapes brings in a spatial and planning demand which I really love!
  7. Add some scrunchies to decorate your tree.
  8. Your goal of fine motor skills development has been accomplished!

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Christmas fine motor skills eBook

The fine motor skills in this one can be seen in the video!  This one is a real fine motor winner and will keep your children occupied on fine motor skills development skills.

Fine motor skills activities: Christmas wreath

fine motor skills development, fine motor skills activities

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Place your sheet face down on the table.  Make sure it is lying down (longways) and not standing up.
  2. Carefully lift the lower edge until you see the dotted line in the middle – this is your fold line.
  3. Line up the top edges until they match and, using your pointing finger, crease along the fold line.
  4. Now cut up the bold black lines and stop when you get to the dot.  Right handers start cutting on the side of the triangle, while lefties start on the side of the star.  The perfect cue in cutting exercises for fine motor skills activities.
  5. Open up your sheet and flatten it out.
  6. Glue along the hashed line.
  7. Roll your page into a tube and glue the edges of the page together.
  8. Glue on the hashed circle at the top of the tube.
  9. Now comes the tricky part!  Take your tube and make it into a circle.  Join the two ends together where you glued the circle.
  10. Using the thumb, index and middle fingers or the-three-friends® of both hands, scrunch up pieces of crepe paper to make cherries.
  11. Glue the cherries to your wreath.
  12. And that’s it – the perfect Christmas fine motor skills activity!

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Cindy from Your Kids OT also has some fun downloadable Christmas fine motor skills activities.

I hope you have fun with these activities!

©Bunty McDougall
Occupational Therapist

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