Halloween Fine Motor Activities. Fun Skeleton Download.

There is nothing like the excitement of the season to engage our children in the very activities they generally choose to avoid because they are difficult.  These gorgeous skull and crossbones Halloween cutting activities are right up there with the best Halloween fine motor activities.  You can grab your free download for this at the bottom of the page, and should you wish to upgrade to the full-size skeleton, you can pop over and get him here.

A fun Halloween cutting activities skeleton download to add to your Halloween fine motor activities resources.Once you have downloaded your skeleton, it is time to print him.  You will get the best results if you print him on 160g card.  Not only will it support your less adept scissor skills friends through the firmness it offers, but it will also provide more resistance for those further along the cutting journey, facilitating improved strength and endurance.  In addition, your skeleton will be less floppy if printed onto 160g card.

Upgrade to the full size skeleton here!

All the basic scissor skills rules apply for cutting out your Halloween fine motor activities download:

  1. Slice the pieces apart before your child starts cutting them out.
  2. Be sure your child has the correct pair of scissors.  Right-handed scissors for the right handers, and lefties for the lefts.
  3. Be sure your child is holding their scissors correctly.
  4. To stop your child from getting tied in knots, be sure the lefties cut to the left of the cut-out (in a clockwise direction) and the rights to the right, or anti-clockwise.
  5. If you want to upgrade to the full-size skeleton, you can purchase him here.
  6. You can either glue your skeleton together or, if you have some on hand, split pins can add a whole new fun dimension to these Halloween fine motor activities.
  7. Since I put the skeletons together with split pins, it brings me to a long-standing question I have: were split pins invented solely and only for those of us who work with kids and want to create moving creations?!  Unfortunately, even my trusty Google search didn’t seem to be able to answer this for me.  It tried to delve into the industrial fastener while I wanted to know about the craft one.  I hope a trusty reader will email me to enlighten me!  Anyway, enough of that and back to our Halloween fine motor activities!
  8. If you have a hole punch, that would be ideal for making the holes for the split pins.  If not, the point from a pair of scissors can do the job.
  9. And now, it is time to get stuck in and join your Halloween cutting activities skeleton together.

Sarah from Little Bins for Little Hands has a lovely selection of Halloween activities to develop manipulatory skills.

In closing about Halloween fine motor activities

I don’t like being given frights, nor have I ever watched a horror movie.  But, for me, this friendly skeleton fits the bill for fun Halloween fine motor activities.  You can download the skull and crossbones below or upgrade to the full-body moving skeleton here.

©Bunty McDougall
Occupational Therapist

A fun Halloween cutting activities skeleton for developing scissor skills to add to your Halloween fine motor activities.

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