How to Improve Handwriting

Find the resources on how to improve handwriting for kids below.

The Assessment of Handwriting Function is an evidence-based assessment that informs treatment by ensuring you don't miss any valuable information on the way.

This download will give you a guide as to the development of scissor skills in kids.

Find out about how cursive can save the day!

Pop over and register for the lefty mini-course and find out how to improve handwriting for left handers, along with all sorts of other lefty tips!

This post gives 3 different scissor skills printables so be sure to scroll right down to the bottom so you don't miss out!

Like so many aspects of handwriting, the writing lines vs no writing lines debate is as passionate and diverse as there are people discussing it. Should our focus be writing on the lines, or should our children work on blank paper and within wide writing lines? We explore writing lines for kids and end with a writing lines printable.

Pop over and grab your left-handed tip sheet!

Use the checklist to find out if your child is ready to write their name, then download your customised name grid.

Scissor skills remain my all-time favourite for developing hand strength and the development of the pencil grip fingers.  Working on these foundations is one of the sure ways on how to improve handwriting.  Grab a panda scissor skills download!

There is little doubt that technology and screens have had a huge impact on the development of the fine motor skills which underpin handwriting.  Pop over and get your screen time download.

How to improve handwriting by addressing the points of stability and mobility.  Pop over and find the points of stability download.

There is best practice when it comes to the teaching order of numbers.  Teach in a boundary box to limit letter formations.  Numbers are grouped into blue, middle and red starters.  Get your number formation download here.

Find a number of grab-and-go dinosaur themed activities on how to improve handwriting.  Get your dino downloads right now!

Work on developing solid handwriting foundations without your children realising their hands are getting a workout!  Get your Christmas themed cutting skills eBook today!

How to improve handwriting by preparing the hands at the beginning of a handwriting lesson.  Pop over and grab your handwriting warm up download.

Improve pencil control by addressing the foundations.  Grab your how to improve handwriting infographic!

Improve in-hand manipulation with these downloadable activities.  Engage your children by "making ice-cream" with this download.

The Wall Model explores the foundations for a child's difficulty with the different occupations.  Get your Wall Model download.

Do apps help with fine motor development?  Can we use them in place of the traditional fine motor activities?  Pop over and get your screen time download.

Find out more about how to improve handwriting with occupational therapy and get your unicorn activity download.

Improve legibility with these finger exercises.  Pop over and get your dino download.

Find out more about the development of pencil grasp.  Get your pencil grasp download.

Get your scissor skills eBook here.

Get your finger exercise download here.

Help your child to master scissors skills with this delightful eBook.

Make sure your children are holding their scissors correctly with our scissor skills download.

This cutting spiral download comes customised for both left and right-handed children.

Pop over and grab your copy of the pre-writing download.