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The Happy Handwriter has collected together South African fine motor, pre-writing and handwriting classroom resources so you can find what your children need in one place.

We know there is so much information on the internet on the subject of fine motor, pre-writing and handwriting. We have drawn together classroom resources that have been developed and sourced by an occupational therapist with a special interest in the field. This has taken the guess work out of it for you.

You don’t need to worry if you are investing wisely. These classroom resources have been developed based on the latest research into fine motor, pre-writing and handwriting skills. In addition, Bunty McDougall has added her experience as an occupational therapist in this field to ensure your child will be given the best chance to develop a fluid and legible handwriting style.
Our classroom resources include the Muscle Mania classroom based fine motor programmes. These programmes focus on fine motor and pre-writing development of the Grade 00 and Grade R child. The programme runs for twice a week for half-an-hour. This gives your child an opportunity to develop these critical skills in a fun and playful manner.

In addition to the classroom programme, there are pre-school classroom resources that will ensure your children will get exposure to the best fine motor experiences in their free play.

Our design-patented left handed and right handed scissors are a must when it comes to classroom resources. Cutting is one of the best fine motor development activities we have and our Magic Scissors which promote cutting development belong in every classroom.

In addition to the pre-school programmes there are classroom resource packets for teaching handwriting. These handwriting packets have found the secret to applying multi-sensory handwriting principles in the classrooms without the mess we usually associate with multi-sensory!

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