Grade 000 (3–4 yrs)

Grade 000 (3–4 yrs) is such a special time for your child. Their world is expanding, they are able to express themselves and they are starting to feel a sense of mastery over their fine motor manipulative skills.

Hand strengthening for your little one is a really important fine motor foundation. Many of our techno kids simply lack the hand strength children of a generation ago had. While they have been exposed to a world of fascination, their fine motor skills need to match their cognitive skills. Your Grade 000 (3–4 yrs) child will love developing their hand strength with our play dough press and Jumbo Eyedroppers. The best way to develop fine motor skills is through play, and having all the age appropriate fine motor toys together in one place is going to help you to make good choices.

Even if you feel a bit worried that you may not know how your child would play with the toys, we have given you ideas! You can freeze your Groovy Animals in a tub of water and develop hand strength while spraying a spray bottle and using the jumbo eyedroppers to release them. Float them in a bowl of water and us the gator grabber tweezers to pick them up. The ideas are all there for you.
The manipulation of nuts and bolts is a must for your Grade 000 (3–4 yrs). All our children are on a developmental journey and some are a little ahead in terms of fine motor skills. When it comes to nuts and bolts we have got you covered with our different sized bolts and fine motor challenges.

Gaining control over the grasp-release of the hands for cutting skills is an important fine motor foundation. The Handy Scoopers and its different activities are a must for the Grade 000 (3–4 yrs). Developmentally children move at different rates. It doesn’t matter fi your child is not doing the activities at their age level. What matters is that they keep moving onto the next fine motor challenge whatever it is.

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