Grade 2 (7–8 yrs)

We provide ready-to-go fine motor, and handwriting resources for your Grade 2 (7–8 yrs) child so you can jump in today and start helping them.
You have probably come here because you are worried about your child’s handwriting. You may have noticed that your child hates to write, or that their handwriting is untidy. Or, your child’s teacher may have mentioned that their handwriting is messy and they are struggling to keep up with their Grade 2 (7–8 yrs) peers with written work in the classroom.

We have put together fine motor and handwriting bundles specifically for child. You don’t need to spend time trying to figure out what to do. You can spend the time getting going and helping your child. The resources cover the foundation skills for handwriting. They provide age appropriate activities so your child will be engaged in the process. The Grade 2 handwriting book focuses on the mastery of writing upper-case or capital letters. The handwriting book is full of fun and is aimed at the Grade 2 (7–8 yrs)child.

If it is later in the Grade 2 year and your child is struggling with handwriting, we do consider and early transition to cursive handwriting. If your child has messy or untidy handwriting, it is likely that the motor maps for handwriting have become hardwired in the brain in this messy style. We all know it is difficult to change bad handwriting patterns once they have become established. An early transition to cursive handwriting can give your Grade 2 (7–8 yrs) child a chance to start over with a fresh set of motor maps.
In addition to handwriting resources, we have fine motor development resources to develop pencil control. Working on handwriting patterns along with developing fine motor pencil control is going to give your child the best chance to master a legible handwriting script that is going to enable them to keep up with the Grade 2 (7–8 yrs) classroom demands.

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