A homeschooling mom needs a homeschooling handwriting curriculum that she can implement without worrying if she is doing it in the correct way. The Happy Handwriter programme, designed by an occupational therapist, has done all the thinking for you. You can be sure that all aspects of perceptual-motor development have been considered so your child can go on to achieve a fluid legible handwriting script that will enable them to keep up with tests and exams as they progress through their schooling.

If you are busy with homeschooling handwriting, I know you want the best handwriting curriculum for your child. In my experience of homeschooling moms, they usually are fully acquainted with the importance of fine motor skills and handwriting for their children and want to be certain they are choosing the best.

Our homeschooling handwriting curriculum starts with the fine motor and pre-writing foundations. I know you understand how important it is for your child to develop the muscles and movement patterns for good pencil grip later on. I also know you understand how important it is for your child to master the pre-writing strokes before they start with letter and number formation. Shape reproduction is the next pre-writing milestone your little one is going to need to master.

Our homeschooling handwriting curriculum uses the ball and stick handwriting style. Research has shown that children do not transition to cursive handwriting any easier if they use a handwriting style with an exit stroke. Quite to the contrary, where a child’s fine motor pencil control is a bit wobbly, an exit stroke can cause difficulties later on.

Designed by an occupational therapist with a special interest in fine motor skills and handwriting, our homeschooling handwriting curriculum makes use of a multi-sensory approach. These have been integrated into the programme in a fun way. But more than that: we have found the secrets to multisensory without the mess!

Once lower and upper-case printing have been mastered, your child can progress to cursive handwriting, once again using a multisensory approach. Our homeschooling handwriting curriculum can start with your child in pre-school and see them through to a fluid, legible handwriting script which will they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

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