Fine Motor and Handwriting Groups for OTs

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Are you an OT interested in running fine motor and handwriting groups who would like to know how to get started?

This course is now closed.  Please contact me and let me know if you would like to placed on the waiting list for the next course.

Even if you have already run groups, you may have questions you would like answered by OTs who have developed and run groups.

Bunty McDougall and Lourdes Bruwer will co-host the live 90-minute webinar.  Bunty began running groups over 20 years ago and has published fine motor and handwriting groups under the tile Muscle Mania.  Lourdes Bruwer has co-authored the Groovy Adventurers Programme and, in addition to running her occupational therapy practice, is currently running both Grade R and 00 classroom-based fine motor and pre-writing groups.

The course will:

  1. Explore the efficacy of such groups;
  2. Discuss different implementation models as well as how many children can be effectively reached in a group;
  3. Look at the ethical considerations for OTs running such groups;
  4. Discuss different models for costing;
  5. Explore how to design and set up a group programme;
  6. Provide the opportunity for you to submit your group related questions ahead of time to be covered during the webinar;
  7. Cover how to initiate and implement groups in a school-based setting;

CPD: This is not a registered CPD activity and no points will be awarded.

You are booking at your own risk and the course fee is non-refundable.

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