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The Printing book 2 is laid out so you don’t need to be worried about how to help your child with handwriting and how to correctly place letters on lines.  Grade 1 brings the challenge of spatial placement of letters on lines, together with letter formation. The Happy Handwriter’s Printing Book 2 integrates laying down the motor maps for letter formation in the correct pattern, along with correct spatial placement on lines for helping children with handwriting.

Even if you can vaguely remember being taught handwriting in school, the Printing Book to will facilitate you helping children with handwriting and knowing you are doing it in the correct way.  No more trying to remember how to form a q – it is all there for you!

Ideal for both home and school use, this unique research based approach allows for numerous opportunities for practise in the correct pattern, which is keeping with our motto of ‘the right way the first time®.’  Rainbow-letters® form the cornerstone of performing multiple repetitions of the correct pattern, while the delightful monkey guides placement with his head, tummy and tail.  Research has shown that verbalising the directions of letter formation while mastering handwriting, contributes to laying down of the motor maps for handwriting in the brain.  This is one of the best things you can add when help children handwriting.

The Happy Handwriter’s Letter Formation songs, with their catchy tune, assists with the establishment of correct formations which are critical for speed and quality of handwriting, along with the correct orientation of letters.  The carefully placed crocodiles facilitate the correct placement of the book for both left and right handers with the Crocodile Mouth®.

Once your child has mastered the lower-case letter formations, you may move onto the upper-case formations in Printing Book 3.  If your child is in Grade R take a look at the Printing Book 1.

Start today with this unique evidence based handwriting system which will assist in helping children with handwriting and establishing this critical life skill.

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Designed by an OT for helping children with handwriting.
Printing Book 2 eBook
£ 6.25