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If you are looking to develop your Grade R’s early writing skills, you can be sure you will have everything you need in this one book.  Teach your kid to learn to write letters with this book designed by an OT.  Help you child achieve correct letter formation to set them on the path to legibility and fluency of handwriting and to minimise letter reversals.

Even if you could print out some handwriting practise sheets of the internet, you cannot be sure it is all correct.  Join  us here at The Happy Handwriter, and know you can do it “the right way the first time!®”

The Happy Handwriter’s Printing Book 1 is aimed at your Grade R child.  Correct letter formation is critical for speed and legibility of handwriting.  The Printing Book 1 groups the letters into similar formation groupings, ensuring that correct formations are consolidated and built upon as you help your child to learn to write letters.  There is a strong emphasises the starting positions of the letters, through the starting point which is called The Doughnut®.  In addition, The Happy Handwriter’s Letter Formation songs reinforce the direction of formations to ensure the motor maps for letter formation are laid down in the correct pattern in the brain.

The children love the elephant with his pencil.  For those who like colouring, he is a reward they really enjoy. For those for whom colouring is a laborious and unpleasant task, black-and-white elephants look good too!  This is the perfect book for your child to learn to write letters

The Happy Handwriter’s Printing Book 1 takes your child on their journey to learning letters correctly the first time. The design of the programme ensures that each time the child practises a letter, they do so in the correct formation pattern.  The large letter pages ensure the child is given this opportunity firstly over a big model of the letter, before going on to completing the smaller letters.  Directionality, or the progression from left to right across the page is facilitated through the positioning dots on the small letter pages.

There is opportunity for multiple repetition of these patterns through the creation of rainbow-letters®.  This fun concept ensures each additional time the child traces over a letter, it assists with the laying down of the motor maps required for future handwriting.

The Happy Handwriter’s Printing Book 1 comes with user friendly parent directions that will enable you to guide your child to correct letter formation.  The book is aligned with CAPS requirements and utilises the ball and stick style of handwriting.  We have taken care with this book as we understand the importance of pre writing skills for preschoolers.

If your child is in already in Grade 1, take a look at the Printing Book 2.

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Help your kid learn to write letters with a programme developed by an OT.
Printing Book 1 eBook
£ 6.25