Number Formation Activities 1 eBook

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Would you like your child to be able to think about the maths calculation rather than how to form their numbers?  If so, then this book will enable you to help them to achieve that goal with our number formation activities.

Even if you can get number formation sheets off the internet, you will not have the benefit of knowing an occupational therapist has designed the best number formation activity approach for your child.

Mastering correct number formation is an essential skill for life.  Poorly formed numbers can not only lead to reversals, but also to illegible numbers which cause confusion both for teachers and the children themselves.  The Happy Handwriter’s Number Book focuses on establishing the motor maps for number formation “the right way the first time.®”  This is the book to choose when looking for number formation activities.

Your Number workbook eBook contains:

  1. 39 printable pages in all;
  2. A guide so you will know exactly how to use this resource;
  3. 10 kid-friendly number formation rhymes and songs;
  4. Numbers grouped by their starting positions into blue, red and middle starters to guide your letter formation activities;
  5. Numbers placed in a boundary box to reduce number reversals;
  6. Starting positions clearly highlighted with the kids’ favourite: The Doughnut® which is our starting cue.

The Happy Handwriter’s Number Book allows for establishment of the motor maps for number formation through multiple repetition in the correct starting positions and patterns.  There is a strong focus on The Doughnut® – our name for the starting position of the numbers.  Yes!  A doughnut with number formation activities!  Correct starting positions and formation patterns play a significant role in the reduction of number reversals, which can so easily become habitual and difficult to remediate once the patterns have been formed.

Using a multisensory approach with your Grade R child by adding Build-a-Number, will enable them to interact with number formations on a multisensory level.

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My first number formation activities designed by an occupational therapist.
Number Formation Activities 1 eBook
£ 6.25