Ethics in the Techno Era. The OTs Guide to Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls. eBook.

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This eBook guide to social media and occupational therapy, together with tips on navigating the online space, will help you to avoid ethical dilemmas in occupational therapy.  “Ethics in the Techno Era: The Occupational Therapist’s Guide to Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls”, is a collaboration between two occupational therapists who look deeper into the application of the occupational therapy code of ethics and offer much needed practical and easy to implement guidelines for social media, and the online space.

Even if you have read the social media guidelines from the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the occupational therapy code of ethics, they offer little in the way of practical tips when it comes to the sharing of content on the social media platforms or ethical practise in the blogging world.

This guide is an easy to read, anecdotal journey by occupational therapists, Bunty McDougall and Lourdes Bruwer, which will enable you to avoid the pitfalls that lead to ethical dilemmas in occupational therapy.

They share their own journeys as they learnt about the common copyright pitfalls that we as occupational therapists are vulnerable to.  The guide is full of practical tips which you can immediately put into practise to ensure you uphold the highest of standards as an occupational therapist on social media, and when navigating the online space.

They examine their own mistakes and experiences in the light of the accepted code of practise when it comes to copyright, intellectual property, the blogging world, and social media platforms.  This guide is a must for all occupational therapists on social media who wish to uphold ethical practise and avoid ethical dilemmas in occupational therapy.  While the occupational therapy code of ethics provides broad outlines we need to adhere to, this guide gets into the practical nitty gritty that you need as you navigate social media on a daily basis.

Ethics in the Techno Era, The Occupational Therapist's Guide to Avoiding Copyright Pitfalls is a book that explores the nitty gritty of how to interact on social media and the online world ensuring you comply with the occupational therapy code of ethics.

Your eBook on avoiding ethical dilemmas in occupational therapy contains 110 printable pages.

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This eBook about social media and occupational therapy  is being sold as a single user item.  This means you, and only you, may use and copy it.  It may not be passed onto colleagues.  Each person must buy their own copy, or it is a copyright violation.  The book about ethical dilemmas in occupational therapy may not be sold onto a third party.  The copyright conditions apply equally across the spectrum from affluent, to non-profits and previously disadvantaged settings.

The Copyright Rules – Simplified Version:
This is not a freebie.  You have to pay for it.  You are not allowed to share or give a copy to anyone. You can’t return it.  You also can’t sell it.  That’s it!

Our eBook exploring the practical implications of the occupational therapy code of ethics in the online world is nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

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