Muscle Mania® Grade 00 eVersion. Preschool Fine Motor

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The Muscle Mania preschool fine motor groups are classroom based fine motor and prewriting activities which are implemented twice weekly for the duration of the school year.  Because the lesson plans are ready-to-go, it is easy to ensure they will be implemented regularly.  And we know that regular implementation means the children’s skills improve.  Get going with bi-weekly groups and know your techno kids will have the fine motor and prewriting foundations they need!

Muscle Mania is a preschool fine motor and prewriting programme for the classroom.Even if you have considered putting together your own preschool fine motor classroom programme, it is hard to sustain.  It takes hours of effort, not to mention trial and error.  Occupational therapist Bunty McDougall has a passion for early childhood development and this, together with her special interest in fine motor and pre-handwriting skills, has resulted in a programme that works!

What are people saying about this preschool fine motor and prewriting programme?

I have had the privilege of running the Grade 00 Muscle Mania® programme in the classroom since 2014. The inclusion of the Grade 00 programme into the school programme was requested following the amazing results of the Grade 0 programme.

The lesson plans are easy to follow and carefully graded to facilitate the children’s skill acquisition of cutting and drawing of basic lines and shapes. The children thoroughly enjoy the lessons and are very proud of their end-products! Fun skill builder activities and games are incorporated into the lessons to develop their manipulative hand skills. The fine motor dexterity and control, along with visual-perceptual skills, developed through the fun lessons have proved to prepare the children for future handwriting skills. We have noted a significant improvement in the quality of the children’s handwriting since the implementation of the Muscle Mania® programmes.

It is a superbly designed programme – perfect in every way to capture the attention of this age group and offering the age appropriate level of challenge to facilitate their skill development and motivation to succeed. The children have so much fun whilst developing their skills! I derive so much joy in sharing their fun, gains in skill and feelings of success. I offer this programme with the greatest confidence that the children will benefit from each and every lesson.

Karen Machattie, Occupational Therapist, Atlantic Seaboard, Cape Town

Muscle Mania is a preschool fine motor and prewriting programme for the classroom. Cutting skills are included as they are a valuable activity for developing the pencil grip muscles.
Muscle Mania is a preschool fine motor and prewriting programme for the classroom. This is one of the prewriting activities in the programme.

Your Muscle Mania group preschool fine motor eBook package includes the following:

  1. 204 printable pages;
  2. A total of 48 thirty-minute lesson plans brimming with preschool fine motor and prewriting skills;
  3. A clearly laid out lesson plan for each bi-weekly lesson;
  4. An equipment booklet about supplies to collect for your Muscle Mania groups;
  5. Extensive background information on how to do each activity so your children gain the optimal benefit;
  6. Grade 00 appropriate prewriting lines and strokes in preparation for Grade R
  7. Reproducible rights for life for all the Muscle Mania activity sheets!
  8. In keeping with our multiple user policy, workbooks need to be purchased annually.


eBook Copyright Conditions:
Your eBook package is sold as a single user item.  This means you, and only you, may use and copy it.  You may use it for all the children directly under your auspices.  The preschool fine motor package may not be passed onto colleagues.  Each person must buy their own copy, or it is a copyright violation.  The package may not be sold onto a third party.  The copyright conditions apply equally across the spectrum from affluent, to non-profits and previously disadvantaged settings.

The Copyright Rules – Simplified Version:
This is not a freebie.  You have to pay for your preschool fine motor.  You are not allowed to share or give a copy to anyone. You can’t return it.  You also can’t sell it.  Please contact us directly for a quote for large group settings. That’s it!

Our Muscle Mania eBook Group Programme for preschool fine motor is nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

If you are looking for Grade R Muscle Mania Groups, you can find them here.  Want both the Grade R and 00?  Take a look at the discount Bundle.

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This is a big package! Please be sure you have a stable connection before downloading. Please download on a desktop or laptop – phones are not ideal for such a big package. Have any difficulties with your download? Send an email and I will fix it for you!

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Classroom groups for preschool fine motor skills.
Muscle Mania® Grade 00 eVersion. Preschool Fine Motor
£ 600.00