Report Writing for OTs. Online Course

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This online course for South African OTs will help you to get on top of your report writing.

Bunty and Lourdes have proof read and written a gazillion paediatric reports in their time and will share their insights, bloopers, and report writing guidelines with you in this online recorded course.

The course will enable you to:

  1. Feel less bogged down by report writing;
  2. Shorten your reports;
  3. Be clear about what to include and what to leave out;
  4. Help you feel more in control of your report writing;
  5. Give you clear guidelines on how to write your reports;
  6. Empower you to write professional reports you can be proud of;
  7. Write shorter and more meaningful reports.

Even though this is not a CPD event, you will get a free Report Writing for OTs book!

This is an online course.  You will have four weeks to watch the online presentation.

Practical Stuff:

  • Availability:
    The course will be available immediately on purchase
    The material will be available to watch for ONE month
  • Venue:  Online course
  • Length:  3 hours recorded content
  • Who is it for:  South African Occupational Therapists
  • Presented by:  Occupational therapists, Bunty McDougall and Lourdes Bruwer


Even though I am not currently practicing in South Africa, I still found the Report Writing course to be incredibly helpful in rethinking how I approach my reports and decide what to put in and what to leave out.  I wrote 3 reports in the week after finishing the course, and I am thrilled as all 3 reports have actually been read! It was amazingly helpful, it saved me time in writing the reports, and it saved me time again during verbal feedback as I did not have to then go over everything that was in the report.  Game changer, thank you!

Rochelle Passano, occupational therapist, Australia


I found this course to be a game-changer when it comes to developing the skill of report writing.  I believe it is an inexpensive essential course for all therapists, (not just OTs). It was a confirmation of how important it is to keep the “who” in mind when writing, and how to make sure that what we write is not just evidence-based but informative, actionable, and impactful for those that read them.

Cailyn Sonderup, occupational therapist, Cape Town


The report writing course was well planned and presented by Bunty and Lourdes.  I gained valuable insight into reducing non essential information and focusing on the client at hand.  It has changed the way I interpret my assessment findings and share it with the parents.  I highly recommend this course.

Punam Chibabhai, occupational therapist, Johannesburg


Thanks so much for the course.  It has helped me to change the complete format of my reports and to write a 4 to 5 page report!  It is now aimed at the parent.  I have to think more critically about what I write and how I interpret my findings.  I also find the wall model useful and now this is another way of using it!  I really enjoyed it and thank you!

Hanlé Kapp, occupational therapist, Uitenhage


Good day Bunty and Lourdes

Thank you for a worthwhile course which has certainly given me much to think about with regards to report writing.  It was easy to access and it helped that I could go through the video course material in my own time.  I appreciated all the examples of parts of reports that you gave in the course material, which for me, gave weight to what you were presenting.

Candice Vermaak, occupational therapist, Randpark Ridge


A very worthwhile course for your whole practice to attend.  If you are ready to toss the security blanket of the old way of doing things and embrace a different, more effective and client-centered approach that will highlight your skills as a therapist and empower the parent – then this is for you.

Lize Wasserfall, occupational therapist, Cape Town


Thank you for the report writing course. The easy to use online format made it accessable and the content was excellent. You have inspired us to write user friendly reports with confidence!

Lesley Dengler, occupational therapist, White River


I have been entering back into the paeds OT world again and am needing to do report writing.  Before, my reports were rather long and a bit arduous and I felt that I was doing a bit too much ‘reporting’ and not enough ‘interpreting’.  So it was a truly, very helpful course for me.

I’m so thankful to yourself and Lourdes for putting it together.

Jess hall, occupational therapist, Cape Town


Dear Bunty and Lourdes

Thank you both for sharing your insights and advice. As a therapist with quite a few years of experience it was valuable to challenge my report-writing-process, but also validated so many changes that we have put in place. Workshops like these are so wonderful in nudging our profession towards communicating our value, skills and insights in a more concise manner! Thank you x

Jacqui Jorge, occupational therapist, Glen Erasmia


Thank you for a very informative webinar! I found it really helpful and we will be making adjustments to our practice reports.

As I was watching it I realized as students way back when 🙂 we were so used to report in a lot of detail, and we just continued with that as we started writing reports.  We have shortened our reports in our practice quite a lot, but will definitely take all the info into consideration and are excited to have a relook at this important aspect of our patient care!

We spend so much time on our verbal feedback with parents, and try to give them hope and ensure that OT is a positive experience, but then sometimes the report might seem very negative as all the struggles of the child are highlighted. 🙁

Thanks so much to both you and Lourdes, it was really helpful and will definitely contribute to our personal and practice growth!

Marina Els, occupational therapist, Centurion

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An online course on report writing for OTs presented by Bunty McDougall, occupational therapist.
Report Writing for OTs. Online Course
£ 29.75