Valentine’s Fine Motor eBook

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We have designed our valentine’s themed fine motor skills to target the exact foundation skills your child will need to develop the muscles for pencil grip.  So you can be sure that when you spend time with your child engaging in these activities, you are targeting the exact muscles your child’s teacher needs you to.  You don’t have to guess!  The guesswork has been done for you.  Get your eBook full of valentine’s day ideas, find developmentally appropriate activities, and you can know you are developing fine motor skills.

Even if you choose some valentines crafts off the internet, you may not be developing the exact muscles and muscle groups your child needs to strengthen their hands and develop their pencil control for pencil grip.  Just because an activity makes use of fine motor skills, doesn’t mean it offers sufficient repetition or targets the exact muscles you need to develop and grow them.  Your valentines day ideas can offer the very best of fine motor development.

Occupational therapists have the skills to analyse the movements and muscles used in an activity. They also have the ability to develop activities that do just what we need to develop muscles for pencil grip.

This isn’t just a fun collection of Valentine’s day crafts for kids, it has been carefully crafted to ensure each of the Valentine’s day ideas provides maximum opportunity to target the correct muscles and muscle groups for pencil grip and pencil control which support legible and fluid handwriting skills.

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Your Valentine’s eBook contains:
7 Valentine’s activities for kids
17 printable pages

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The Copyright Rules – Simplified Version:
This is not a freebie. You have to pay for it. You are not allowed to share or give a copy to anyone. You can’t return it.  You also can’t sell it. Please contact us directly for a quote for large group settings.  That’s it!

Our eBook of  valentine’s day ideas is nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

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Fine motor valentine's day ideas designed by occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall.
Valentine’s Fine Motor eBook
£ 6.00