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Are you looking for a new fresh take on the quick brown fox?  The quick brown fox has long been used for short non-standardised baseline handwriting samples.  It is quick and easy way to get a sample of all the lower case letters.  These samples offer us the chance to see functional improvements at a glance, and can be helpful to show to parents who are hoping to see visible improvements in their children’s handwriting.  It really helps to have a sentence with all the letters of the alphabet!

Looking for a sentence with all the letters of the alphabet? Here is a fun new option!A quick Google search taught me that a sentence with all the letters of the alphabet at least once, is called a pangram, or a holoalphabetic sentence.

I decided to have some fun with this to see if there were any other options of sentences I could come up with that include all the letters of the alphabet.  While the quick brown fox clocks in at thirty-five letters, mine ended up somewhat longer, but a variation nonetheless.

The sentence: "Fifty-six crazy penguins jumped quickly over the awesome iceberg" has all the letters of the alphabet - I'm sure: I just checked!  I have always found it useful to ensure that these handwriting samples are done on familiar paper.  Providing different paper to what they are used to can really confuse children, resulting in them underperforming and making errors that they wouldn't normally make when using familiar paper.

The Mary Sue has some other examples of sentences which contain all the letters in the alphabet.

In closing about handwriting samples:

A before and after is a great informal visual measure we can use to show improvements in handwriting over time in a non-standardised way.  This is where a quick sentence with all the letters of the alphabet can be really handy to have up your sleeve.

©Bunty McDougall
Occupational Therapist

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