The-Happy-Handwriter-TrademarksThe Happy Handwriter®, The right way the first time!®, Master the Motor Map®, Rainbow-Letters and Numbers®, Build-a-Letter and Number®, The-Three-Friends®, Fine Motor Fun®, Muscle Mania®, The Wall Model®, The Wall®, Magic-Scissors®, Crocodile Mouth®, The Doughnut® and Tuck-Down-Two™ are all Trademarks of Bunty McDougall.  In addition, she holds the design patent for Magic-Scissors®.

Please feel free to use these concepts with the children with whom you work - both individually and in the classroom to promote the development of their fine motor and handwriting skills.

However, please remember that the Trademarks and Copyright rests with Bunty McDougall alone.  They may not be used in any form of publication or presentation whether electronic or otherwise - whether for profit or non-profit - without prior written permission from the author.

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