Muscle Mania®

The Muscle Mania programme is a fine motor classroom programme.  It was developed by occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall.  The progeramme runs on a twice weekly basis for the duration of the Grade 0 year; and twice weekly for 9 months at the Grade 00 level.

muscle mania, fine motor groups, classroom fine motor
muscle mania, classroom fine motor, fine motor groups

The groups were first run in this format in 2008.  This fine motor classroom programme was trialed for 7 years before publication.  The groups have run in classrooms across the diverse spectrum of the South African context. The improvements in the children’s skills following exposure to the Muscle Mania® programme have been unprecedented. Improvements in skill levels following implementation of the programme has resulted in Muscle Mania forming an integral part of the school readiness process in these schools.  While they typically run in classes of around 24 children, they have been run highly successfully in classrooms of up to 45 children.

Muscle Mania® works because it is a graded programme that builds, develops and extends fine motor skills consistently over the school year.  All the activities are process orientated with a specific skill being the focus of each lesson.  New skills are consolidated over a few lessons, before the next skill is introduced.  They are then re-visited later throughout the year on a more advanced level.  Muscle development, perceptual skills and fine motor pencil control are addressed.  Letter formation, consistent with CAPS requirements, is addressed in the Grade 0 programme.

The programme is clearly laid out with the aims of each lesson highlighted, along with reproducible activity sheets.  At certain stages in the programme, supplementary lessons are provided to cater for class groups that may require additional input for particular skills.

Muscle Mania® Grade R was launched in 2014 and the Grade 00 programme in 2017.  A Grade 1 programme is currently being trailed in the classroom setting.

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