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Tips for Improving your Handwriting: Stabilise the Page!

When looking for tips for improving your handwriting and the mechanics of good handwriting, there is one thing that WILL improve handwriting.  Every time!  And that is stabilising the page for handwriting. Tips for improving your handwriting: the working hand must be allowed to do its job When the page is not stabilised with the… Read more »

pencil control for handwriting for kids

Pencil Control for Handwriting. How to Improve it with Fun Activities.

I always say they should have called it finger writing not handwriting.  Because it is the finger and thumb movements that facilitate pencil control for handwriting.  It is the discrete refined finger movements, isolated from the hand movements, that are necessary for speed and quality of handwriting.  Of course, finger movements don’t stand alone.  They… Read more »

Importance of crossing the midline

What is Midline Crossing: 5 Ways it Affects Handwriting

Everyone talks about midline crossing like we should inherently know what it is.  They use the term in a throw away manner like they are talking about skipping or bike riding – something that everyone should just automatically know about.  So what is midline crossing?  Midline crossing is the ability to cross the imaginary midline… Read more »

Letter formation order

Letter Formation Order: Does it Matter? Get your Download!

There are as many ways to teach letter formation as there are teachers.  Each teacher draws on her experience and applies it into her classroom to give the children in her class the best chance of achieving success.  However, we are also able to draw on the developmental progression of acquisition of the foundational lines,… Read more »

Cutting activities for fine motor skills

Cutting Skills Development. Magic Scissors®

Cutting is the bomb when it comes to developing fine motor skills for handwriting.  If we can get our children to both master and enjoy cutting, we are going to go a long way to establishing the muscle and motor foundations for pencil grip.  To this end, it is essential that our children achieve success… Read more »

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Handwriting Development: The Perceptual-Motor Foundations

If your child is struggling with poor handwriting and is referred for an occupational therapy handwriting assessment, the outcome of the assessment can show very diverse difficulties.  This is because the perceptual-motor foundations of handwriting are numerous and complex.  Let’s look at The Wall®, an occupational therapy framework for explaining learning difficulties in children, and… Read more »

Fine motor skills activities for 4 - 6 year olds

Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers. Turning the Tide of Declining Fine Motor Skills.

It is well known by teachers in classrooms across this very diverse country that the standard of fine motor skills in our pre-schoolers are not where they should be.  Teachers are criticised for referring too many children to occupational therapy.  Occupational therapists are criticised for prolonged intervention for fine motor skills.  And parents?  Well, they… Read more »

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What are Fine Motor Skills? Fine Motor Skills Checklist

What are fine motor skills?  They are the small co-ordinated movements of the hands and fingers that make us as human beings special.  In some instances they are also called hand skills.  The co-ordinated small muscle movements enable the hands to perform refined manipulative tasks that foster independence, and enable us to become independent, functional… Read more »

Quote by Steve Graham

Teaching Handwriting. Kids don’t “Catch” Handwriting Skills!

“There is little evidence that children will ‘catch’ handwriting skills!” (Steve Graham, 1999.)  I love this quote!  Handwriting is not like the flu.  You don’t catch it simply because you happen to spend time with those who are engaged in the activity.  You learn to become an efficient handwriter because handwriting is taught.  This begs… Read more »

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Pre-writing Skills Activities. The Journey from Scribbles to Handwriting.

Our children’s first works of art are random scribbles on a page.  Within a few short years these scribbles have been transformed into the beautifully crafted letters that make up handwriting.  Handwriting is a critical scholastic milestone because it is the foundation for story writing and composition.  Some children make the transition from scribbles seamlessly,… Read more »

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Is Untidy Handwriting a Disability? Does it Affect Marks?

One of our great handwriting researchers, Steve Graham, identified the shocking implications of untidy handwriting on the grades allocated to students from one of his research studies.  I always knew that untidy handwriting affected marks but I didn’t know it was this bad.  I didn’t realise the toll that untidy handwriting took on our children,… Read more »