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Free Practise Cutting Worksheet. Pre-School Cutting Skills

Cutting assists children to develop their fine motor hand muscles for pencil control and handwriting.  I believe it to be one of the most valuable pre-handwriting skills we have.  The cutting motion develops the exact muscles and movement patterns we need for pencil grip and pencil control so it certainly deserves our attention.  Once your… Read more »

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Teaching Handwriting in South Africa | 8 Steps to Improve it.

We all know what untidy, illegible handwriting looks like.  The quality of fine motor skills and pencil control are on the decline in our techno age where pre-schoolers are pointing and swiping, rather than engaging in the manipulative skills required for developing the hand muscles essential for controlling a pencil.  What is the best approach… Read more »

The Pencil Project

Yesterday, during a Muscle Mania fine motor group in a Grade 1 classroom at a disadvantaged school, pencils took on a whole new meaning to me.  In fact, it was the absence of pencils.  Many of the children didn’t have pencils and some had pencils so small, that when they were writing, they were hidden… Read more »