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Occupational Therapy Handwriting Homework.  Yes or No?

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I have a folder on my computer for OT home programmes.  It is overflowing with written programmes and guides for the countless numbers of children I have seen over the years.  Going through it is a little like a trip down memory lane.  I wonder how those children are doing now, and if their handwriting… Read more »

Technology and Fine Motor Skills: Can we use Apps?

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When it comes to the development of fine motor skills, the world of tablets, phones and Apps have certainly jumped on the band wagon.  One trip to Google Play or the App Store will lead you to believe that all fine motor skills development can take place on a tablet.  They tell us how using… Read more »

Tips for Improving your Handwriting: Stabilise the Page!

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When looking for tips for improving your handwriting and the mechanics of good handwriting, there is one thing that WILL improve handwriting.  Every time!  And that is stabilising the page for handwriting. Tips for Improving your Handwriting: The Working Hand Must Be Allowed to Do its Job When the page is not stabilised with the… Read more »

Pencil Control for Handwriting. How to Improve it.

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I always say they should have called it finger writing not handwriting.  Because it is the finger and thumb movements that facilitate pencil control for handwriting.  It is the discrete refined finger movements, isolated from the hand movements, that are necessary for speed and quality of handwriting.  Of course, finger movements don’t stand alone.  They… Read more »

Teaching Left Handers to Write. Left Handed Development.

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When our babies begin exploring they tend to use both hands, or randomly use either the left or right hand.  Hand preference may begin to emerge as early as 2 or 3 years of age, while for others, this may only happen around the age of 5 or 6.  So, you may notice early on… Read more »

What are Fine Motor Skills? Fine Motor Skills Checklist

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What are fine motor skills?  They are the small co-ordinated movements of the hands and fingers that make us as human beings special.  In some instances they are also called hand skills.  The co-ordinated small muscle movements enable the hands to perform refined manipulative tasks that foster independence, and enable us to become independent, functional… Read more »

Finger Exercises for Handwriting

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We usually think of handwriting as a solitary task – an interplay between the child’s thoughts, their hand, and the paper.  But there are three very special friends who play an integral part in the handwriting process.  They need to be acknowledged, they need to be nurtured, and they need to be used.  These are… Read more »

Ambidextrousness: Why One Hand is Better than Two

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From time to time we hear of children who are ambidextrous.  This seems such an amazing thing – wow – imagine being able to write with both hands!  But is it really a good thing and when, if at all, should we intervene? Before I dive in and get into this fascinating topic, I need… Read more »

Teaching Handwriting in South Africa | 8 Steps to Improve it.

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We all know what untidy, illegible handwriting looks like.  The quality of fine motor skills and pencil control are on the decline in our techno age where pre-schoolers are pointing and swiping, rather than engaging in the manipulative skills required for developing the hand muscles essential for controlling a pencil.  What is the best approach… Read more »