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Pencil Grips and Pencil Grippers. An Ultimate Guide.

pencil grips and pencil grippers for kids

Pencil grips or pencil grippers are popular when it comes to assisting children in achieving the optimal pencil grip for pencil control, speed, and legibility of handwriting.  They are placed on the pencil with the goal of correctly positioning the fingers on the pencil, to develop the optimal pencil control for handwriting. Way back when… Read more »

Ambidextrous and Hand Preference. Is it OK for Kids to use Both Hands?

hand dominance in children

From time to time we hear of children who are ambidextrous.  This seems such an amazing thing!  Imagine being able to write with both hands!  Does it matter if a child hasn’t established a hand preference or hand dominance?  Is it really an important thing and when, if at all, should we intervene?  Although only… Read more »

Letter Formation. The Secret Weapon to Good Handwriting 

Fun letter formation activities for kids

Letter formation usually includes the ability to correctly form both letters and numbers.  Research has shown that good letter formation is a significant predictor of the mastery of good handwriting.  Looking at what is letter formation with this easy infographic from The Happy Handwriter will take you through the steps toward mastering letter and number formation…. Read more »

Free Practise Cutting Worksheet. Pre-School Cutting Skills

Cutting exercises for pre-schoolers

Cutting assists children to develop their fine motor hand muscles for pencil control and handwriting.  I believe it to be one of the most valuable pre-handwriting skills we have.  The cutting motion develops the exact muscles and movement patterns we need for pencil grip and pencil control so it certainly deserves our attention.  Once your… Read more »

Teaching Handwriting in South Africa | 8 Steps to Improve it.

wrist position for handwriting,

We all know what untidy, illegible handwriting looks like.  The quality of fine motor skills and pencil control are on the decline in our techno age where pre-schoolers are pointing and swiping, rather than engaging in the manipulative skills required for developing the hand muscles essential for controlling a pencil.  What is the best approach… Read more »

The Pencil Project

Donating pencils

Yesterday, during a Muscle Mania fine motor group in a Grade 1 classroom at a disadvantaged school, pencils took on a whole new meaning to me.  In fact, it was the absence of pencils.  Many of the children didn’t have pencils and some had pencils so small, that when they were writing, they were hidden… Read more »