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Pencil Control for Handwriting. How to Improve it with Fun Activities.

pencil control for handwriting for kids

I always say they should have called it finger writing not handwriting.  Because it is the finger and thumb movements that facilitate pencil control for handwriting.  It is the discrete refined finger movements, isolated from the hand movements, that are necessary for speed and quality of handwriting.  Of course, finger movements don’t stand alone.  They… Read more »

Pencil Grips and Pencil Grippers. An Ultimate Guide.

pencil grips and pencil grippers for kids

Pencil grips or pencil grippers are popular when it comes to assisting children in achieving the optimal pencil grip for pencil control, speed, and legibility of handwriting.  They are placed on the pencil with the goal of correctly positioning the fingers on the pencil, to develop the optimal pencil control for handwriting. Way back when… Read more »