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Why Kids Should Work on a Vertical Surface

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It is no secret that one of my favourite working positions is the vertical surface.  I have always said that if you wanted to take one thing out of my occupational therapy practice, you could have my tables.  I just needed the walls!  So let’s look at why kids should work on a vertical surface… Read more »

Occupational Therapy Handwriting Homework.  Yes or No?

Ocupational therapy handwriting and fine motor exercises

I have a folder on my computer for OT home programmes.  It is overflowing with written programmes and guides for the countless numbers of children I have seen over the years.  Going through it is a little like a trip down memory lane.  I wonder how those children are doing now, and if their handwriting… Read more »

Cutting Skills Development. Magic Scissors®

Cutting activities for fine motor skills

Cutting is the bomb when it comes to developing fine motor skills for handwriting.  If we can get our children to both master and enjoy cutting, we are going to go a long way to establishing the muscle and motor foundations for pencil grip.  To this end, it is essential that our children achieve success… Read more »

Fine Motor Skills for Preschoolers. Turning the Tide of Declining Fine Motor Skills.

Fine motor skills activities for 4 - 6 year olds

It is well known by teachers in classrooms across this very diverse country that the standard of fine motor skills in our pre-schoolers are not where they should be.  Teachers are criticised for referring too many children to occupational therapy.  Occupational therapists are criticised for prolonged intervention for fine motor skills.  And parents?  Well, they… Read more »

Pre-writing Skills Activities. The Journey from Scribbles to Handwriting.

preschool handwriting preparation

Our children’s first works of art are random scribbles on a page.  Within a few short years these scribbles have been transformed into the beautifully crafted letters that make up handwriting.  Handwriting is a critical scholastic milestone because it is the foundation for story writing and composition.  Some children make the transition from scribbles seamlessly,… Read more »