Fine Motor Festive Wreath: Free Cutting Exercises for Preschoolers

We are all always on the lookout for an amazing cutting exercises for preschoolers and Grade school, but to find one that develops and challenges their fine motor skills while achieving an amazing end product is a real bonus!

Research has shown that our Grade R children spend more than half of their day involved in fine motor activities, while their Grade 2 counterparts spend 30-60% of the day involved in fine motor activities, 85% of which are pencil and paper tasks.  Where our techno-kids are presenting with such under-developed fine motor skills, we need to take every opportunity to develop these skills.

I have to take a moment here to let you know this is not a Bunty McDougall original!  I saw it number years ago on the Internet and have not been able to trace the source.  While I suspect it to be one of those activities that “has been around forever,” please do be in touch if you know the originator as I would most certainly like to give credit where credit is due.  I have merely taken the concept and formatted it for our children to gain the optimal fine motor challenge.  I had hoped to include it in Grade 0 Muscle Mania programme but there are one or two tricky maneuvers where the children may require, assistance so I decided to save it for another day.

This Festive Wreath demands folding, cutting and manipulating – the ideal combination to challenge and develop fine motor skills.

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Step by Step Instructions

  1. 1. Place your sheet face down on the table.  Make sure it is lying down (longways) and not standing up.

2.  Carefully lift the lower edge until you see the dotted line in the middle – this is your fold line.


3.  Line up the top edges until they match and, using your pointing finger, crease along the fold line.


4.  Now cut up the bold black lines and stop when you get to the dot.  Right handers start cutting on the side of the triangle, while lefties start on the side of the star.  The perfect cue in cutting exercises for preschoolers.


5.  Open up your sheet and flatten it out.


6.  Glue along the hashed line.


7.  Roll your page into a tube and glue the edges of the page together.

the-happy-handwriter-wreath-tube-2        the-happy-handwriter-wreath-tube-first-fold

8.  Glue on the hashed circle at the top of the tube.


9.  Now comes the tricky part!  Take your tube and make it into a circle.  Join the two ends together where you glued the circle.

the-happy-handwriter-wreath-sealing-tube the-happy-handwriter-fine-motor-wreath-making-circle        the-happy-handwriter-wreath-closing-circle

10.  Using the thumb, index and middle fingers or “the-three-friends®” of both hands, scrunch up pieces of crepe paper to make cherries.

the-happy-handwriter-scruchies       the-happy-handwriter-wreath-making-scrunchies the-happy-handwriter-wreath-scrunchies-2

11.  Glue the cherries to your wreath.


12.  And that’s it – perfect cutting exercises for preschoolers!

I would love to see pictures of wreaths that your children have made – please do send them through to