Get a Grip! But Which One? The CLAW

What a Strange Name but Oh How Well CLAW Pencil Grips Work!

CLAW grip cape town, CLAW pencil grip south africa, correct pencil grip, pencil grip, pencil grips cape townThe CLAW pencil grips with their unusual design is what makes them a fantastic pencil grip.  When I first heard of it and saw its name I thought I would never use it – it both looked and sounded strange!  After someone asked about them on our Facebook page, I went off to explore them and I am now a total convert!  They are my “go-to-grip” for many of the strange pencil grips that we see!

The cups are perfectly positioned for accommodating the thumb, index and middle fingers for handwriting.  I like the fact that the children place the fingers in the correct position while at the same time facilitating finger movements which is what gives us speed and quality of handwriting.  They are excellent for thumb wraps and thumb tucks, and seem to position a closed web space well.  They are also a good choice if you are looking to modify a tight four point grasp which is blocking off the finger movements.

The CLAW is my Go-to Grip!

Despite its unusual appearance, most of the children love using the CLAW.  This is a grip for both lefties and right handed children that easily fits onto any sized writing implement.

If you are trying to modify an already established pencil grip, it is imperative that each and every time the child picks up their writing implement be it a pencil or retractable wax crayon, they need to do so in the correct pattern.  So, if you find that your child responds well to the positioning with the CLAW, please do invest in some extras and place one on each of their writing implements.  Grips that get switched between pencil crayons get lost and then you are back where you started.  Changing a mal-adaptive pencil grip is a commitment and part of the commitment is investing in a big bag of the correct grips!

The children find the pliable material soft and comfortable around their fingers and seem to really enjoy this grip that repositions their fingers without causing discomfort.  The CLAW comes in two sizes.  The medium CLAW is the size for most children from Grade 1 and up. Reception year children usually comfortably use the medium, while those with very tiny fingers use the small.  Try these remarkable grips to develop the finger movements your children will need for handwriting.  If you aren’t sure it is the correct grip, you may prefer to take a look at the Assorted Pack which has one of each of the different types of grips.

Pencil Grips Don’t Work Well Alone – You Need to Add Activities to Develop the Underlying Muscles and Movement Patterns

Remember pencil grips are a bit like hammers and nails – they go best when used together.  You can’t use a pencil grip in isolation – you need to work on developing the muscles and movement patterns for pencil control as well.  Take a look at the Fine Motor Fun kit which has a large variety of activities that target exactly this.

Thanks for popping by – I will be looking at the other grips over the coming months.  Hope you have a lovely day!

©Bunty McDougall
Occupational Therapist

Children love the CLAW grips and call them their Spiderman Web-blasters!  The CLAW grip supports the fingers and encourages a dynamic pencil grasp whilst assisting in the development of fine isolated finger movements necessary to control the writing tool.  The grips can fit onto pencils and crayon pencils.

Santie Coetzee, Occupational Therapist, Bloubergstrand.

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