About The System

Designed, published and sourced by an occupational therapist, The Happy Handwriter’s range ensures each aspect of fine motor skills, pre-handwriting and handwriting has been carefully put in place to ensure your child benefits from the best foundations for handwriting – a skill that will accompany them for the rest of their lives.  This website is your one stop solution for a handwriting website.

Most teachers questioned report that they wish there was more time available for the teaching of handwriting.  A significant number of the referrals to occupational therapists (OT’s) in the early grades are linked to difficulty with some aspect of handwriting.  There certainly are a percentage of these referrals that are rooted in specific neurological difficulties, however, there are many that originate from poorly developed fine motor skills and letter formation.  These children frequently go on to require OT intervention as fine motor delays result in untidy handwriting; and poor letter formation leads to various difficulties including letter reversals and slow handwriting speed.  This research and evidence-based handwriting website provides the resources to address these concerns.

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The Happy Handwriter is a complete multi-sensory graded system that addresses the foundations for both fine motor skills and handwriting.  But not only are they addressed, each aspect is researched based and carefully graded to build from one stage to the next, just as you would expect from a comprehensive handwriting website.

The handwriting programme based on solid sensory and motor principles that can be applied across the South African context to every school going child in the early grades.  The foundational fine motor skills that are lacking in our pre-schoolers are specifically targeted through to the development of pencil control.  This may be done at school, at home, or through the Muscle Mania Classroom based fine motor and pre-handwriting programmes.  This handwriting website covers various aspects of the letter formation programme offer the teacher the opportunity to maximise the effectiveness of the time available for the teaching of handwriting.  Once the fine motor skills and foundational strokes are in place, letters and numbers, accompanied by formation songs, are built and then go on to provide the opportunity for multiple repetition in the correct formation patterns.

The Happy Handwriter® handwriting website is continuing to publish new and innovative ways to enable us to teach handwriting smarter, which is critical in the already jam-packed curriculum that our teachers have to juggle to incorporate into the school day.

Being an occupational therapist working in a school setting, I am seen as the go-to-person to fix handwriting and pencil grips.  The Happy Handwriter’s products allow opportunities for play, use of different muscle groups, provide a challenge, and work on skills such as handwriting.  Learning shapes and letter formations can often be tedious for some children, especially since repetition is so important in learning these.  However, The Happy Handwriter provides fun ways of learning and teaching these skills.  Children grasp the concepts so much easier with the little tips that are used to remember where letters and numbers start.  All the products in the kit are of good quality and look interesting for children’s wondering eyes.  Thank you Bunty for developing such an amazing programme.  Both the kids and I love it all!

Nabeela Makda, Occupational Therapist, Parkview, Johannesburg.