Why Handy Scoopers Changed my World! Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers

Parents have them, schools have them, and occupational therapists love them.  Your toddler needs them and you need to get on board!  Does your little one have them?  Why peer pressure is right about Learning Resources Handy Scoopers and why they are the best for the development of fine motor skills for toddlers!

I just love little chubby hands that work so hard to achieve mastery over posting, threading, grabbing and throwing.  It is these little chubby hands that miraculously develop the incredible dexterity that open jars, thread a needle, prepare dinner and write an exam.  And that is why we need to support their development in the best way we can.

So much development of hand function occurs in the first year.  Your child progresses from no voluntary grasp or release at birth, to being able to precisely post a block into a small container around their first birthday.  By around 15 months they are able to post a small bead into that same container. Somewhere between 1 and 2 years, they are able to grasp a crayon and immortalise their first work of art on the bedroom wall.  I don’t have a keepsake of my daughter’s first drawing – it was on the kitchen cupboard!  And it was in the years before cell phones so no photo either!

the happy handwriter teddy-in-fine-motor-handy scooperIn the techno age, we need to be intentional about developing the fine motor foundations that our children will be using to develop pencil control for handwriting.  There is much that promotes the positive effects of technology on children.  Our children are enthralled by the apps and games that provide a reaction every time they swipe and point.  But swiping and pointing, while they may teach your child colours, shapes and matching, are not going to provide the manipulative challenges that develop the muscles for cutting, pasting, threading, posting and early pencil control.  Time spent on swiping and pointing is depriving our children of valuable developmental manipulative experiences.  Hello Handy Scoopers!

Handy Scoopers are a must for fine motor skills activities for 2-3 year olds.  They require your child to grasp, to release, to pick up and place; and somehow they are able to compete with the iPad!  Children are engaged and enthralled by them and play for hours as they master the fine motor skills development they require.

the happy handwriter fine motor handy scoopers and teddiesIf you have to choose one skill building toy, choose the Learning Resources Handy Scoopers.  They were designed with fine motor skills for preschoolers in mind and, with this one, they hit the bull’s eye.  They lay the foundations for cutting, and from my point of view, any activity that does that, must earn a place in the hall of fame for fine motor skills for toddlers!  And that is why they changed my word – the developmental leap from grasping to cutting has finally been breached!  Cutting is one of the most critical skills for developing the pre-handwriting muscles.  Children need to get countless numbers of cutting hours under their belt and to do this, they need the foundational muscles and movement patterns in place to master cutting.  I think I’ve said it all – Handy Scoopers for the win!

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