Magic Scissors®: Your Preschoolers Need These! Cutting Skills Development

We know that cutting skills are critical for pre-handwriting fine motor development.  I will never tire of saying that because I believe it so fiercely.  It is essential that our children achieve success in scissor skills and we need to find ways to facilitate cutting skills development.  Magic scissors have a unique patented design which makes them your go-to scissors for your pre-schoolers.

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Left Handed Cutting vs Right Handed Cutting

The first thing we need to be sure of when selecting a pair of scissors for our classrooms and for our children’s stationery pack, is to know if they are right or left handed.  It is essential that lefties use left-handed scissors and right-handed children, those for right-handers.  There are scissors that are sold in educational toy shops that are labelled as being so-called “ambidextrous scissors.”  Please do not be fooled by this marketing ploy.  There is only one pair of truly ambi scissors that I have ever seen and they are not available in our country right now.

left handed scissors for kids, where can I buy left handed scissors south Africa, why is cutting important for pre-schoolersWhat makes a pair of scissors right or left is the way the blades face.  Right-handed scissors have the right blade uppermost, while those for lefties have the left blade uppermost.  This is what distinguishes left from right scissors.  It has nothing to do with how the handles have been crafted for the comfort of either the left or right-handed child.  Cut with the wrong scissors, and the cutting blade will cover up the line.  This results in a jagged cutting quality that will leave the child wondering how on earth anyone else managed the smooth line.  There is nothing wrong with their skills – it is simply the wrong tool for the job.  Giving our children the wrong scissors cases frustration because the wrong tool stands in the way of their success.  We need to give them the right tools for the job if they are going to be achieving success in the critical skill.  The Happy Handwriter’s Magic Scissors have taken the guesswork out of knowing which are which.  We have marked it on the blades.  So, no more guessing!

If a child is cutting with the incorrect pair of scissors, the blade will obstruct the cutting line.  There are ways to wangle your way around this – I know this from experience.  My son is left-handed and, despite the fact that the rest of the family is right-handed, there only ever seems to be a pair of left-handed scissors close at hand.  So, I have learned to angle the scissors and am pretty adept at getting what I need done with the lefty scissors.

But we do not want our children using a “work around.”  Give them the right tools from the get go and get them on the path to cutting skills development.

Magic Scissors® | The Choice for Scissor Skills for Preschoolers

Magic scissors for both left and right handers from The Happy Handwriter are exactly what their name suggests – they are Magic!  Their unique patented design keeps the tip of the blades open even when the handles are closed.   I think the scissor manufacturer thought I was totally crazy, but a sale is a sale so they made them for me!

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benefits of scissor cutting for pre-schoolers, how to use scissors, how to hold scissors, is cutting with scissors fine motor skillsOne of the challenges that our children face when learning to cut, is that they have the tendency to close the scissors completely with each cutting stroke.  Children lack the graded control over the closure of their scissors and so as they squeeze to close them, they exert too much pressure, resulting in them closing completely.  The result is that they lose their piece of paper.  This means that they have to continually re-position their scissors and get started again.  The open tips of the Magic Scissors hold onto the paper and prevents the children from continually having to start over again, even when they do close them completely.

As their muscles develop and their control over the closing motion of the scissors improves, they will no longer close their scissors completely and they can transition to a regular pair of scissors.

Cutting Skills Development

When holding the scissors our children need to hold with “thumbs up!”  This is with both hands.  Take a look at this lovely idea to remind your child to keep their hand in the “thumbs up” position as they write.

I believe that all early learners and developing cutters should use the Magic Scissors.  By Grade 1 they should no longer need them.  Cutting is a complex task requiring a high level of bilateral co-ordination.  In addition, children need to learn to cut on a line.  With all these things to think about, it is best if they don’t have to be worrying about graded control over their cutting stroke.  This will develop on its own if they can just get going and keep going.

How to Teach a Child to Cut with Scissors

If your children are not quite ready for learning to cut with scissors, focus on the pre-cutting skills for pre-schoolers which are going to build in the grasp-release motion for cutting, before getting started with Magic Scissors.  The Learn to Cut bundle has put all these activities together in a reachable format for you.


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