Improving Fine Motor and Pre-Writing Skills has never been easier!

The Muscle Mania® Programme empowers teachers to develop their pre-schooler's fine motor and pre-writing skills. For unprecedented results, implement this dynamic and user-friendly programme in just 2 half-hour lessons per week.

Get your children fine motor ready with these fun lessons developed by a highly experienced occupational therapist.

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The Happy Handwriter Muscle Mania

A Proud Happy Handwriter Programme

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  • Running since 2008 and still going!
  • Both Grade 0 and Grade 00 Programmes available.
  • Muscle Mania Manual is a reproducible resource.
  • Twice weekly fine motor and pre-writing classroom based programme.
  • Delight and enthral your children while improving their fine motor skills!
  • 64 Grade 0, and 48 Grade 00 ready-to-go graded lesson plans.
  • Sold as a virtual package, so you can download and get going immediately!
  • Trusted by top Pre and Prep Schools.
muscle mania programme develop pre-schooler fine motor and pre-writing skills

Absolutely Stunning Results

The Happy Handwriter Muscle Mania

Before Using Our Programme

The Happy Handwriter Muscle Mania

After Only 1 Year Using Muscle Mania

Overwhelming Feedback from Therapists & Teachers

Bunty has done an outstanding job of combining fun, focused work and skill development. She has put many years into developing and researching the activities and has crafted a thorough programme of skill development.

Jane DurhamOccupational Therapist,
Bishops Pre-Preparatory School, Cape Town

It is now in the 4th term that we can see the fruits of our labour. Our children are able to produce work of a high standard because the teachers are able to focus on the curriculum and build on the methods and techniques taught by the occupational therapist.

Jodi DawsonGrade 1 teacher, Westlake Primary School
(Previously Disadvantaged School)

Handwriting fine motor classroom

The fine motor skills of a group of 41 children who attended the Grade R Muscle Mania programme twice weekly for a year improved from 46% to 66%.

Trusted by Top Education Institutions

Muscle Mania in schools

More about The Author

Bunty McDougall is an innovative and ground breaking occupational therapist who has a special interest in fine motor skills, writing skills and handwriting acquisition.

She has worked in the field of learning difficulties for over 35 years. One of her passions is using the latest research to create fun and engaging activities so children can learn “the right way the first time®.”

The Happy Handwriter’s Muscle Mania is a unique programme she has developed to fulfil this need.  Bunty has a deep-seated love for the ocean, her husband, and her two children.

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