Bilateral Activities

Handwriting is a bilateral task so bilateral activities are a must. When your child writes they need a working and helping hand. The working hand is sometimes called the dominant hand, or the preferred hand. This is the hand that has specialised to be able to perform refined tasks such as handwriting. If our children do not develop a hand dominance, they are going to struggle to develop the refinement of fine motor skills they need for handwriting. Bilateral integration, along with midline crossing, is a critical foundation for the development of hand preference. This is why bilateral activities are so important.

When we are selecting bilateral activities for our children, they need to be activities, games or toys that cannot be played with, with one hand only. Unless it requires your child to be using their helping hand during play, or to perform a task, it is not a truly bilateral activity. If you are trying to pump up a ball with a ball pump, it is unlikely you will be successful if your assist hand isn’t holding onto the ball. If the ball is rolling around, it will be very difficult to insert the pump nozzle into the hole. This is a truly bilateral activity and this is what we are looking for in this kind of activity for our children.
Here at The Happy Handwriter we have ensured that we have chosen pure bilateral activities. They do not require of you to ask the child to use their other hand. The activity or game will simply not succeed unless they do. So, you can be sure your purchase is going to target exactly the movement you have been advised to look out for.

Cutting and scissor skills, along with their foundations, are one of my all-out bilateral activity favourites. Cutting has so much to offer in terms of the muscles and movement patterns it develops for handwriting. And then, along comes another of its unique attributes. You cannot truly cut something out without using two hands. The dominant and supporting, or preferred and helping hands, simply have to work together. Cutting skills are just one of our bilateral activities from which you can choose.

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