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We provide the tools and resources to help your child with fine motor, pre-writing and handwriting challenges.  Everything is there for you in one place so you don’t need to spend hours researching on the internet to find ways to help your child.  Everything is packaged in a user-friendly way so you can jump in and get going with helping your child with handwriting challenges.  All our resources have been researched by an occupational therapist with a special interest in this field.  The fine motor activities are specifically designed and researched to ensure they target exactly the muscles and movement patterns that your child needs in order to hold their pencil correctly.

The handwriting resources utilise a multi-sensory approach which give more information to the brain to ensure that letter and number formations are laid down in the correct patterns.

Our range of resources enables your children to master fine motor and handwriting skills efficiently.  By ensuring that letter and number formations for handwriting are established correctly the right way the first time, we don’t have to invest time and resources in re-learning bad motor patterns at a later stage.

We know that it is hard to change a pencil grip that has been established in an inefficient pattern.  So too is it difficult to unlearn bad handwriting patterns.  Our fine motor and handwriting resources have been put together in a graded manner so we are not trying to build handwriting patterns on a shaky foundation.  We look at both the fine motor and letter formation aspects of handwriting, ensuring we are providing a solid base.

By investing and implementing these fine motor and handwriting resources you can be sure you are giving your children the best chance of developing the speed, fluidity and legibility required from handwriting in examinations.

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