We have developed fine motor and handwriting ebooks so you can download and get going straight away to help your child. Our children’s fine motor and handwriting skills are on the decline. The reasons for this are diverse. But what we do know is that find motor foundations are critical for handwriting. And handwriting and early pre-writing or grapho-motor skills are critical for learning to read. It is suggested that they somehow prepare the brain circuitry for learning to read.

You have become concerned about your child’s fine motor or handwriting skills for some reason and you want to get going to support and help them. And you want to do that today! This is where our fine motor handwriting eBooks come in. You just need to choose the skill you would like to support and get stuck in and help. Our eBooks will help you feel less worried because there is something you can do straight away.

You will need crayons, twisties, scissors and glue to be able to get going. And your will need a printer to print the resources from the fine motor and handwriting eBooks. Cutting is always a good place to start with little ones as it is so good for developing the fine motor foundations your child will need for future handwriting.

As with all these kinds of activities, your child will benefit most if you are there with them while they are doing them. Your child doesn’t need you to do it for them, they just need you to be there to give a supporting hand every now and again. If there is a difficult step, you don’t want them to give up because it is too hard. Rather support them over that part of the activity so they can benefit from the rest of the activities in the fine motor and handwriting ebooks

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