Fine Motor

Fine motor development activities and handwriting skills are declining in the techno age.  Our children need specific activities to target the development of these skills so they don’t fall behind at school.  Invest in The Happy Handwriter’s resources today!  You will be able to open them up and get going with fine motor development activities straight away.  Everything you need is packaged there in the Bundles.

You won’t need to spend hours reading up and looking on Pinterest trying to figure out the best options.  Everything is right here for you.  And if you are uncertain which to choose, you are always able to contact us for support and guidance.  An activity that is truly a fine motor development activity doesn’t just use fine motor skills; it develops the underlying muscles and motor patterns which your child needs in order to hold and manipulate a pencil for handwriting.  These fine motor development activities have been put together by an occupational therapist with a special interest in fine motor, pre-writing and handwriting so each activity is carefully thought through, considered and selected for the fine motor benefits it provides.

Once you have worked on the foundational muscle groups and movement patterns, you will be able to work on specific pencil and paper work for improving handwriting. It is no good to spend hours working on letter formation activities if the fine motor foundations are not there.  If your child has poor pencil control, they are going to be practising their letters with poor control.  And as they do this over and over again, the motor maps for letter formation are laid down in a sloppy, poorly controlled manner.  This means that your child’s handwriting is going to be consistently untidy and this is going to be reinforced over and over again.  This practise is going to result in the handwriting being hardwired in an untidy and illegible style.

This is why the fine motor development activities are critical, and the quality and ability of these activities to lay the foundations you need are so important.

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