Grade 00 (4–5 yrs)

Your Grade 00 (4–5 yrs) child is at an ideal age to be developing their pre-writing skills.

If your child’s fine motor foundations such as cutting have yet to develop, now is your time. Our Learn to Cut resources will help you to take your child step by step through learning to cut. Because everything you need is packed together in one convenient parcel, you won’t need to waste time going from shop to shop to get what you need. You can spend that time having fun with your Grade 00 (4–5 yrs) child, all the while knowing you are developing the critical scissor skills foundations.

We also provide a range of carefully selected toys so you know you are spending your money on resources that will improve the fine motor foundations your child will need as they get ready for Grade R.

In addition to fine motor foundations, your child will need to be learning to reproduce the basic lines. These include the vertical and horizontal lines and a circle. In addition, they will be learning to put the lines together to from a vertical cross. The diagonal lines come later.

If your Grade 00 (4–5 yrs) child is avoiding drawing, it may be a good idea to see if they have mastered these lines yet. If not, now is the time to use playful activities to develop these. We know that in order to learn any task it requires repetition. There are loads of worksheets online for your child to draw over the lines. However, there is insufficient repetition and the sheets usually require more control over the pencil than is developmentally appropriate. Our Grade 00 (4–5 yrs) Lines and Strokes programme will enable your child to master these with a song! Literally a song!

The Happy Handwriter has ensured all their pre-writing resources feel like fun and games to your child.

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  • A scissor skills for preschoolers book designed by an occupational therapist.

    A Scissor Skills for Preschoolers eBook

    £ 6.25
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  • 30 shapes activities for preschool kids designed by an occupational therapist.

    A Shapes Activities for Preschool eBook

    £ 15.00
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  • Sea themed cutting practice activities designed by and occupational therapist.

    Cutting Practice Sea World eBook

    £ 5.00
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  • Activities for developing fine motor skills designed by occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall.

    Fine Motor Fun® eVersion. Activities for Developing Fine Motor Skills

    £ 15.00
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  • An online course by occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall, about legible handwriting, legible writing and limiting illegible handwriting.

    Legible Handwriting. Module 1 of Handwriting for Kids

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  • Multisensory pre writing skills activities designed by an occupational therapist.

    Lines and Strokes eBook

    £ 15.00
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  • Classroom based fine motor skills development.

    Muscle Mania® Bundle eVersion. Fine Motor Skills Development.

    £ 1,100.00
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  • Classroom groups for preschool fine motor skills.

    Muscle Mania® Grade 00 eVersion. Preschool Fine Motor

    £ 600.00
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  • Sale! This online course presented by occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall, explores practical lefty strategies and handwriting for left handers.

    Practical Strategies for Left-Handed Kids Mini-Course

    £ 17.50
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  • covid-19 story for children, inteactive reading sams stays hom, the happy handwriter, bunty mcdougall

    When Sam Stays Home. A Story for Children About the Pandemic

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