The CLAW Pencil Grip Mixed – Pack of 6 (3 Med + 3 Small)

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Would you like to keep a stock of the CLAW pencil grippers for your practice but are only seeing a few children?  Or, are you unsure what size will suit your child?  Try the Mixed Pack which comes with 3 small and 3 medium CLAW pencil grippers.  This will enable you to try them out for size without keeping huge stocks on hand.

The Small CLAW pencil grip is suitable for Grade R children with tiny fingers.  For the rest, most children – even those in Grade R – use the Medium.

The CLAW Pencil Grippers are an unusual looking grips but are very effective for remediating an inefficient pencil grip.  The fingers are placed in the three cups, which keep them positioned so as to facilitate the discrete refined finger movements we need for handwriting.

Before I used them, I anticipated that the children wouldn’t like the look of them.  But most children seem happy to use them and find them comfortable to use.  If you are uncertain if this is the correct grip for your child, take a look at the Assorted Pack which comes with one of each of the different designs of pencil grip.

Children love the CLAW grips and call them their Spiderman Web-blasters! The CLAW grip supports the fingers and encourages a dynamic pencil grasp whilst assisting in the development of fine isolated finger movements necessary to control the writing tool. The grips can fit onto pencils and crayon pencils.

Santie Coetzee, Occupational Therapist, Bloubergstrand.

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