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Children learn while they are having fun and TotBot has fun written all over him.  TotBot will keep your child entertained for hours and they will learn while playing!  He is the ultimate when it comes to developing fine motor skills!

TotBot is the ultimate manipulative masterpiece – all that forearm rotation and hand manipulation to get the pieces on and off is really challenging the fine motor skills development.  Some pieces are big and some are small requiring the hand to adapt which just makes me, as an OT, excited!  Of course you can work on colour recognition, shape recognition and they even have numbers for you.  But the true value of this toy is the development of hand skills and developing fine motor skills.  The rotational forearm movement inherent in this toy is important for the foundations for pencil grip so he is a must for every toy box.

When all his pieces have been put in place, TotBot stands 20cm high and is full of fun and funky colours!    He has numbers which seem to be important to the developer but – and I hope my numbers orientated husband is not listening – the numbers aren’t that important to me!  I love him for his manipulative features and free creative opportunities.

TotBot has everything you could want – he’s cute, he’s colourful, has numbers and shapes, and develops fine motor manipulation.  He is a perfect choice when it comes to fine motor skills for preschoolers.  He is loads of fun and certainly belongs in your child’s toy box!

If you are looking for a bot for an older child, take a look at the Design and Drill Robot – another of my favourites!

Everyone is saying when it comes to developing fine motor skills you need to stay away from technology.  But, if you balance it with real manipulative gems like this one, you can sneak some tech in when no one is looking!

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