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Once you are sure that the Crossover Pencil Grip with its wings to prevent a thumb wrap is the best fit for your child, I highly recommend that you place one grip on each of your child’s writing implements from their pencil to all their pencil crayons.  This may seem excessive but if you are committed to rectifying a grip, you need to ensure that each time you child picks up their writing implement, they do so with the correct grasp.

Our pack of 6 crossover grips will get you half way to one grip on each of the pencil crayons in the box – so two is probably the best order for you!  By buying the pack of 6 crossover grips you can take advantage of the 6 pack discount which brings down the unit price of each grip.  If you are wanting even more crossover grips, take a look at our pack of 24!

How will know which is the correct pencil grip for your child?  This will either be because your occupational therapist will have recommended it, or because you have tried all the options and found one that is a good fit.

If you haven’t had the opportunity for your child to try out the different grips, consider our Assorted Pack of grips.  It has one of each of our different grips for your child to try out.  One size doesn’t fit all with clothes and it is the same with pencil grips!

R 180.00 incl VAT
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