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The Crossover pencil grip has a comfortable central body with two side wings to reposition those thumb wraps that can be so persistent.  A thumb wrap is the grasp a child uses to hold their pencil with their thumb wrapped over or under the index finger.  This is problematic because the fixed nature of this grip position is responsible for blocking the emergence of the discrete refined finger movements necessary for speed and legibility of handwriting.

Once a child has settled on a comfortable pencil grip which fulfills its function, I always recommend they get one grip for each of their writing utensils including pencil crayons.  Inefficient pencil grip patterns can be troublesome to re-pattern and, by ensuring your child holds correctly every time they use a writing implement, you will significantly increase the chances of remediating it.

The appealing neon colours make the grips, which are suitable for both right and left handers, attractive to the children.  They love the soft texture of the grip and it prevents the formation of any painful calluses.

The 24 pack of Crossover grips is our volume discount pack for therapists and schools who keep these grips close on hand for the children with whom they are working.  Want a smaller pack?  Take a look at the 6 pack or a single Crossover pencil grip.

R 648.00 incl VAT
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