Crossover Pencil Grip – Single Grip

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The Crossover Pencil Grip has been specifically designed for children who persistently wrap their thumb either under or over their index finger.  This position completely blocks off the development and use of the discrete refined finger movements that are so critical for achieving speed and quality of handwriting.

Suitable for both left and right handers, the children love the squishy feel of the grips.  This, together with the bright neon colours, makes them very appealing.  The wings on the grip position the fingers correctly.  The thumb wing acts as a barrier, physically preventing the thumb from sliding forwards over the index finger, despite its natural tendency to do so.

The crossover pencil grip is popular with occupational therapists who work with children who have a thumb wrap or tuck.  Pencil grip is difficult to change once it has become hard-wired and the structure of this grip is able to correct a child’s finger position on the pencil.

If you are uncertain as to whether the crossover pencil grip is the correct grip for your child, take a look at the Assorted Pack of grips which will allow the opportunity to experiment and find the best fit for your child.  there is no one correct grip for every child and there a different grips that can assist with a thumb wrap.

If you are certain that the Crossover grip is the one for your child, do consider looking a the 6 pack which will allow for placing a grip on multiple writing tools.  If you are wanting to modify a pencil grip, it is important that the child holds the writing implement with the correct grasp every time they are using it.  If you are wanting to achieve a lasting change in pencil grip, your child needs to be using the grip for both their pencils, and their colouring.

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