Design and Drill Robot

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You can’t help but fall in love with this robot!  Not only is he a delightful toy for fantasy play – he is the perfect toy to improve fine motor skills.  There are no rules about how to play with him – when your child plays – they will improve their manipulative abilities.  This is the perfect toy to improve fine motor skills.

Manipulating those bolts is going to give the hand muscles a work-out and the robots flexibility gives extensive opportunity for manipulation, twisting and turning.  It is seldom that you come across such a perfect blend of fantasy play and skill development as is found in this adorable bot.  The-three-friends® – the thumb, index and middle fingers – naturally work together to screw in the bolts.  There is so much manipulation that happens as he performs his robotic feats – his head turns, his arms extend of even come off!

Just in this moment I wish my son was young again – he would have loved this robot!  Well. . . . if the truth be told, his grown-up self did have a bit of fun when he found it on the kitchen counter!  I wish it had been around when he was younger to enthrall him while at the same time, being a toy to improve fine motor skills.  This is the bot that no child or school wants to be without – no one can resist the opportunity to pick him up and have a go.

Your robot proudly stands 20cm high, and comes packaged with 15 multi-coloured bolts, a screwdriver, and stickers for decoration.

This bot is a must for every occupational therapy practice, school and home.  Your children are going to adore this toy to improve fine motor skills!  When it comes to fine motor toys for pre-schoolers, this is the one!  Pop him in your cart today and let your child play their way to improved fine motor skills.


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