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Our speedball will enable you to develop your child’s bilateral and midline crossing while having a blast!  This is a must have for developing bilateral skills in kids.

Even if you have tried other things, the speedball is such fun your children will not be stopped!

Speedball for developing bilateral skills in kids avaialbe from The Happy Handwriter shop.

There is something thrilling about the ball the ball shooting back and forth that will ensure your child will want to keep on playing. The two arms working together develops bilateral skills.  Once they have mastered this, using alternate arms to send the ball to the other side further develops bilateral skills. Stand side on and now you are promoting the development of midline crossing.

In addition to all these skills, the speed ball will develop upper limb strength.  Holding your arms up in front of you to play, requires the shoulder girdle muscles to activate.

This is an all round toy!  It develops all these skills but is definitely still wrapped up in fun and play.

You may also know the name of speedball by the name of zoom ball.

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One speedball

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If you are looking for other activities for developing bilateral skills, do take a look at our Wikki Stix and Activity Cards.

R 284.00 R 198.80 incl VAT
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