Fruit Avalanche

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Fruit Avalanche it the game for the child who needs to work on developing pencil control but doesn’t want to play “baby games”.  This is one of the fine motor skills activities for handwriting you have been looking for!  Not only is it a beautifully made game which is fun to play, but the Jumbo Tweezers used to pick up the fruit are simply the most amazing tweezers I have come across in close to 30 years of spending money on tweezers that “never quite achieved what I hoped they would.”


Fine Motor Skills, fine motor toys, motor skills activities, fine motor skills activities for handwritingEven if you already have tweezers, don’t pass this game up!  The children love this game and ask to play it over and over again.  We need to find fine motor skills activities that develop the muscles for pencil grip without our children knowing they are working on them.  And this game fulfills the brief.  when we are strenghtening muscles it is not enough to pick up one or two things with the tweezers – we need repetition, and the Avalanche Fruit Stand offers this.  The Jumbo Tweezers have indentations to guide finger placement of the-three-friends® – the thumb, index and middle fingers. The tension of the tweezers is just right to work the in-hand muscles which are required for pencil control. You can feel them working deep in the palm of your hand as the game progresses.

You can ring the changes with the game either by placing the fruit on the stand, or removing it according to the colour that shows up on the spinner – don’t be the one to cause the fruit to come crashing down! I love this game and even played it with my 15 year old daughter to further develop her in-hand muscles for her piano playing – and a little bit of extra work on those handwriting muscles never did anyone any harm. . . .! This game is a must have for any one looking for fun fine motor skills activities for handwriting!

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