Gator Grabbers™ 12 Pack

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No classroom or therapy centre with children with little hands is complete without this fantastic pack of 12 Gator Grabber Tweezers perfect for motor skills development.  The ideal size for little hands, the tension is just right to get a workout for the hands without them using bad motor patterns because they have to squeeze too hard to activate their tweezers.

Teachers and therapists are the masters of engaging children in the very activities children need to promote their development.  With this awesome tool, you can know that each time your children pick up an object, they are developing their pre-handwriting muscles.  Pick up, sort colours, post objects or sort sizes with these amazing manipulative gems.

No matter what they claim, no tablet or iPad app can provide the motor development that a true manipulative tweezer can.  Your centre needs real tools not virtual ones!  Get the Gator Grabbers for motor skills development so your techno kids can get their hand muscles working!  Overcome the fine motor techno-slump with a pack of Gator Grabbers.

Packaged with 6 brightly coloured Gators, they measure just over 10cm long.  Buy today to get your children’s hand muscles ready for their next fine motor milestone.

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Dimensions 38 × 30 × 10 cm


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