Gator Grabbers™ and Groovy Animals

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We have put together a combo of hands on classroom activities so your children can develop fine motor skills in a playful way.  The Learning Resources Gator Grabbers and Groovy Animal combo is a sure hit and will go a long way to developing the foundational fine motor skills your child will need for pencil control.

Even if you often worry your children will get bored and not play with them enough to make the investment worthwhile, we have given you some different ideas here.

What can you do with your Groovy Animals hands on classroom activities?

  1. You can sort them.
  2. You can stack them.
  3. You can freeze them so your child can use their spray bottle and Gator Grabbers to free them.
  4. They float so you can use them with water play and Handy Scoopers!
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The Gator Grabbers offer the perfect tension for little hands and their design is just right to encourage development of strength in the-three-friends® or the thumb, index and middle fingers. Look out for the guide dots on the arms of the Gators – one on the thumb side and two for the index and middle on the other arm.  A fantastic pre-cutting activity – and cutting is a pre-writing activity – pick up the different animals with the Learning Resources Gator Grabbers and then go on to further challenge those manipulative skills by joining the Groovy Animals together.

The Gator Grabbers are durable, as are the Groovy Animals, and you can be sure you are investing in an activity that will last.  Packaged with 72 Groovy Animals and 4 Gators, there are enough to go round for hands on classroom activities.

You can also save one of your Learning Resources Gator Grabbers for picking up popcorn or another favourite snack. Make fine motor development a fun experience with this fantastic Gator-Groovy bundle – you won’t regret it!

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Groovy Animals and Gator Grabbers are so versatile they are ultimate hands on classroom activities!

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