Multi-Sensory Handwriting Packet for Grade 1

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Even if you have no experience teaching handwriting, this Packet will enable you to help your child like a pro!  We know that when it comes to learning to write letters and numbers, multi-sensory teaching strategies are the way to go!  And now you can do it too!

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All the sensory aspects for a multi-sensory handwriting programme are available in one convenient packet.  Your child will build the letter in the correct formation pattern.  Then, using the innovative Texture Overlay Board they will be able to trace over the letter form, while receiving additional tactile input.

The auditory input, which research has shown is so critical in the mastery of letter formation, is achieved through the singing of the letter and number formation songs which are included in the books. Worried you can’t sing?  Find the tune of the songs here!

The vibration input provided by the irresistible Squiggle Pen further assists in laying down the motor patterns for letter formation.

Automaticity in handwriting is achieved through repetition.  And this is achieved through making rainbow letters and numbers®.  Your child uses one colour to trace over the letter forms.  They start on The Doughnut® – our starting positions for the letters – and complete all the letter forms.  They then go on to repeat this using the next colour, and then the next, thus creating a rainbow letter.

Placing the Texture Overlay Board under the page and writing on top of it, also gives additional “bumpy” textural input.

This Packet provides numerous novel options for multi-sensory teaching strategies.  Your child will be constantly surprised by a new way to use the materials, all the while laying down the motor maps for letter and number formation in the brain, enabling them to master the motor map®.

Get your multi-sensory teaching strategies Packet today for school, home or homeschooling and let your child have a blast while on their way to handwriting success!

Your Packet contains:
Printing Book 2
Number Book 2
Texture Overlay Board
Squiggle Wiggle Pen
4 Acetate Overlays
8 Jumbo Paper Clips
6 Super Long Wikki Stix

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R 387.00 incl VAT
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