Grade 2 OT Telehealth

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We have put together a Grade 2 OT Telehealth fine motor and handwriting packet so OT’s can focus on implementing and developing their clients skills without having to worry if they have the correct resources on hand.

Even if you are nervous about telehealth because you have never done it before, you now have a packet bulging with resources you can use to implement the intervention your children need.

These packets are available only while stock lasts.

Your Grade 2 OT Telehealth resources packet includes:
Printing Book 3 (Print Capital Letters)
Cursive Book 1 (Cursive lowe
Fine Motor Fun Cutting Book
Fine Motor Fun Workbook
Texture Board
Twist ‘n Turn
Posting Tin
25 Poker Chips
12 Groovy Animals
4 milk bottle tops
Printables for bottle tops
Crepe Paper Squares
Paper Tearing Squares
Left handed scissors
Right handed scissors
1 pair Jumbo Tweezers
Additional Activity Sheets

*You will need to supply 4 milk bottle tops.*

You will be able to target the following areas with your occupational therapy telehealth resources:
Wrist extension
Differentiation of the 2 sides of the hand
Hand strengthening
Cutting Skills
Development of pencil grip fingers
Midline crossing

Get back to doing what you do best: providing quality services to the children who need your help.

This occupational therapy telehealth resources packet does not come with instructions.  It is for use with telehealth only.  Your therapist will be furnished with the instructions directly.

Please do not buy this occupational therapy resources packet unless you have been directed to do so by your child’s therapist. It does not come with instructions and you will be left with a whole bunch of things you have no idea what to do with.  Rather take a look at our home based Grade 1 options.  We have a Grade 1 Bumper Bundle as well as a Grade 1 Super Special.

We regret we are not able to substitute items or books in this occupational therapy telehealth resources packet.

Take a look here for Grade R telehealth resources.  If you are looking for Grade 1 telehealth, you can pop over here.

R 284.00 incl VAT
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