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This online course for occupational therapists will empower you to systematically analyse handwriting so as to inform treatment.  If you are an occupational therapist receiving referrals for children with pre-writing and handwriting challenges, this handwriting assessment and course is for you!

Even if you have experience with handwriting assessment, Bunty has pulled together all the different aspects of this practical course in a clear and easy-to-implement manner.

It identifies the four pillars of functional handwriting and will guide you through analysing your children’s handwriting so you can plan effective treatment.

The Functional Handwriting Assessment is universally applicable.  It is a non-standardised assessment covering all ages.  It evaluates handwriting as a functional task to inform treatment without spending time on lengthy, complicated scoring. It comes with reproducible rights for life and has no ongoing expenses.

The Assessment of Handwriting Function comes with the assessment record forms, administration sheets, and a 120-page eBook, which covers all the background theory of handwriting assessment.

In keeping with Bunty’s relaxed style, it presents the evidence-based theory in an easy-to-reach format, empowering you to implement it immediately.  Bunty McDougall, an occupational therapist who has worked in the paediatric field for over 35 years, has a special interest in fine motor skills and handwriting.

This handwriting assessment course, which you can watch in your own time, includes a copy of the Assessment of Handwriting Function.

About the Course:

  • An online video presentation you can watch in your own time;
  • Explores the the goals for handwriting;
  • An evidence-based assessment;
  • The ins and outs of handwriting assessment;
  • All the background theory together in one place in the manual;
  • An assessment you can use immediately without attending lengthy and expensive training;
  • Two hours of video content;
  • And so much more about handwriting assessment!

Practical Stuff:

  • This is an online course you can watch at a time of your choosing;
  • Release Date: 2024;
  • Availability: The handwriting assessment material will be available to watch for 1 month;
  • Venue: Online video format;
  • Who is it for: Occupational therapists;
  • Presented by: Occupational therapist, Bunty McDougall;
  • The purchase of this course is for one user only;
  • Each person is required to purchase a course
  • This course is not CPD or CEU accredited.

Cancellation Policy
This online course about handwriting assessment is non-refundable.

eBook Copyright Conditions:
This virtual resource is sold as a single-user item.  This means you, and only you, may use and copy it.  You may not pass it on to colleagues.  Each person must buy their own copy, or it is a copyright violation.  The resource may not be sold onto a third party.  The copyright conditions apply equally across the spectrum from affluent to non-profits, and previously disadvantaged settings.

The Copyright Rules – Simplified Version:
This is not a freebie.  You have to pay for it.  You are not allowed to share or give a copy to anyone.  You can’t return it.  You also can’t sell it.

The Assessment of Handwriting Function is nonreturnable and nonrefundable.

If you would prefer the assessment without the course, then it is here for you!

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