Handy Scoopers and Apples

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Who can resist these adorable apples?  Even if you already have things your child can pick up with Handy Scoopers, or even have the Handy Scoopers themselves, every kid and adult wants to get their hands on these floating apples!  When it comes to fine motor skills development, these apples and scoopers are a match made in heaven!

The handy scoopers and apples provide you with an opportunity to engage your child in a kid-friendly activity so it is THEIR hands that get the workout!

Search for the apples with the worms, match them by colour, and sort them by size.  They are versatile enough for fine motor skills development, as well as working on basic concepts.

Are you wanting to help your little one develop their hand muscles for cutting?  (Did you know cutting is the most critical pre-handwriting skill we have because it develops the muscles that manipulate the pencil?)  Then these Attribute Apples and Handy Scoopers are for you!

Even if you are going to spend a little more on these apples, they belong in your fine motor toy collection.  If you are asking the question how can fine motor skills be developed in children, then look no further.  Pop the apples and scoopers in your cart right now and let your child get stuck in with fine motor skills development right now!

Your package comes with the following:
One tub of Learning Resources Attribute Apples
Two Handy Scoopers

If you would prefer teddies to apples, take a look at our Handy Scoopers and Teddies.

There are 27 apples in all, 9 in each colour, and 3 in each size: small, medium and large.  They are made of durable plastic and are hollow.  The biggest apples are 3cm tall, and the smallest are just over 2cm tall.

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R 476.00 R 333.20 incl VAT
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